Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

I’ve been a Garmin GPS user for years now on my bike. I think I started with an Edge 500, then progressed to the Edge 800, Edge Touring, Edge 520 and then Edge Explore. In that time, I did dabble with a Polar V650 for a period of time, but then moved back to Garmin. My latest device, the Garmin Edge Explore had been purchased after my Garmin 520 (which had served me well) suffered from battery issues.

GPS Accuracy

GPS Accuracy After a recent walk, I decided to analyse the data from the Garmin FIT files - one from my eTrex 25 and the other from my Apple Watch 4 and iPhone XR. I was purely interested in seeing how well the Garmin eTrex 25 was able to act as a tracker - mainly as when I was using it for my geocaching walk, it seemed to be tracking me, but looked on the screen to be sticking purely to the paths in the grounds of Wollaton Hall, which was a bit surprising.

Garmin Vivoactive

Background I never used to be a watch person, though that all change when I started running when at Loughborough and then when I moved to London and was at the mercy of trains (and meetings), I found a watch to be something I couldn’t leave behind. For years, I used a classic - the Casio F-91W. Not only was it bombproof (though, perhaps the wrong word to use there considering that owning one of the watches in Afghanistan was apparently enough to cause the Americans to detain you for questioning as it was often the watch used for detonators!