Ireland Bike Ride

I have recently spent a few days in Ireland for a holiday, meeting my girlfriends family and friends from back home. Whilst I was there, I managed to get out and about for a quick bike ride.

I borrowed a bike from one of the family members and did a loop of the local area whilst the house was being setup for the extended family to arrive over the weekend.

It was my first time in Ireland and I was impressed. I was in Clare, near the town of Kilkee. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere to fair - there wasn’t much about, though the towns had the basics in. It did however make for some nice riding. It was perhaps a bit flatter than I was expecting. Not entirely sure why I imagined that Ireland was all hills but I certainly wasn’t expecting the sun that we had! It was excellent weather all weekend and the days leading up to it

Doonbeg Tower

Doonbeg Bridge

I did a reasonably small loop, with a brief stop in one of the towns to get a drink as sadly my bike wasn’t equipped with a drinks holder so I couldn’t take anything with me.


The views were fantastic. I certainly wasn’t too go back to Ireland again and perhaps do some cycling along the coast to explore a bit more. I’d bought a book on cycle touring in Ireland earlier in the year, so it seems like I should try and get some use out of it.

Kilkee Beach

Abandoned trains in Moyasta

Overall, I managed a loop of about 40Km, which was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon and it made a change to not use the Brompton. I think I best start get planning a trip back to Ireland!