Promise Nightrider Jacket Review

Last month, I picked up a Proviz Nightrider cycling jacket after reading the review by Orange Brompton. I thought I’d write a few words on it, now that I’ve had it for a while.

In Short

In short, it’s good, but I’m not sure I’d go as far as Orange and say it’s the best cycling jacket ever.

It’s a very good jacket, but I’m sure there are some on the market that are better. I’ll review it and try and provide some points that I perhaps disagree with Orange on.


Orange mentions the longer arms and back - this is a great feature and really handy. What isn’t stated in his review (but was mentioned on a follow up on the LBC Facebook group) is that the sizing is on the larger size. This seems to be the case as I ordered the large and it’s pretty big. However, going back to Orange’s review - the sleeves are longer. Even so, I still occasionally get the sleeves riding up as I’m riding. This might be because the coat is a bit on the bigger side for me but I’m not 100%.

I think the reflective bits are fantastic, I cant really fault them. The only issue I have is with the rear reflective panel. This is velcro’d on to the coat which is good (and needed to attach to the Triviz light to it instead of the reflective panel) but this can occasionally interfere with a backpack (if you use one). Obviously, you could remove the panel if you’re using a backpack because it wouldn’t be visible anyhow.

For me, the biggest flaw is the zip. This just doesn’t seem as high quality as the rest of the jacket. It’s a bit flimsy and on occasion, it seems like it’s got caught up but I can’t see what on (as it doesn’t seem to be caught on the jacket liner like other coats I’ve had).

However, that’s pretty much the issues I have with the jacket. I should note that otherwise I’m happy with the purchase! It’s a good jacket and makes me visible on my morning commutes (and evenings when it’s a bit darker - no doubt after the clocks go back).

It’s waterproof capabilities haven’t fully be put to the test yet but it has kept me dry in the showers I’ve been in. The big test comes from this weekend, where I’ll be wearing it on the St Crispins Day night ride. I’ll also be using the Triviz light for the first time (I don’t feel the need to wear it on the daily commute really).

Overall, the Proviz is great value for money. I was lucky to get mine with the Triviz light and I also got 10% cash back on my purchase by going through Quidco first. This made the purchase about £50 and for the money, this jacket offers cracking value for money. Yes, there are some niggles but then it’s not a top end jacket, up there with Rapha or similar. This is a commuter jacket - offering good value for money, excellent visibility and fantastic showerproofing. I can’t fully comment on the waterproofing ability as I’ve not worn it in a proper deluge yet. Overall, it’s certainly worth checking out. If Proviz could make a few changes to the zip, they’d be onto a winner.