Brompton Junction Ride

So this evening we there was a ride organised by Brompton Junction.

I only saw the email yesterday but thought I’d register, after all, I wasn’t doing anything else this evening.

I got there slightly early so I could have a cup of tea and a slice of the treacle tart. I must admit the tart and tea there are some of the best I’ve had in London so it’s always worth a trip, solely for the food and drink!

Anyhow, there were only a few of us riding - 5 in total with the ride leader (the store manager I believe?) This didn’t seem like much and I know some of the later rides for later in the year were apparently fully booked already. I’m tempted to just go along to a few anyhow without registering to see if I can tag along anyhow. More the merrier perhaps.

We stood around for a bit and I investigated the new Brompton Game Bags. These look nice and are great quality but not to my liking in terms of style.

The route was to be a brief, hour long ride, about 10 miles in all, aiming to finish back the Junction at about 8pm.

I’d brought my camera along but wasn’t able to get any pictures and I didn’t a GPS lock on the Garmin until we were a good Km into the ride - there’s something to be said about using a phone and Strava, the assisted GPS is usually a lot quicker at getting a location and occasionally seems to be more accurate as well, especially in London where the high buildings can sometimes reduce the GPS signal.

Anyhow, it was a nice ride, disturbed by the fact that the area around the House of Parliament were closed off (I assume because Obama was visiting London). A brief detour and we crossed the river.

As we cycled down the way, Andrew Ritchie (as in, the creator of the Brompton) came past us (choice of Brompton is apparently a Desert Sand P type).

I peeled off early as we cycled near to Kings Cross as I thought I could make the train (turns out I missed it) but anyhow, it was a nice ride and looking forward to the next months one.