One Bike

One Bike

Cycling to work today on my touring bike, it occurred to me that whilst I have three bikes, I would probably be happy with just the one.

This was in my mind because yesterday I was thinking that when the time comes around for the Cycle to Work vouchers at work to be issued, I could consider getting myself a Pashley Sovereign to commute to work on (that’s besides the fact that I commute to work on my Dawes currently!)

Cycling in to work today though I experienced a change of heart.

If I had to reduce my collection down to a single bike, I know exactly what bike that would be - my Brompton.

My Brompton

To date, it’s done over 4,510 Km (that’s what Strava says and I’ve not tracked every ride I’ve done on it). That’s fairly impressive in my eyes. The last bike that comes close to that was my Raleigh road bike that I used to own which managed 2,768Km before I retired it and sold it.

I’ve done a mix of long and short distance rides on the Brompton and it handles them all. Ok, so my road bikes average speed on Strava is apparently 24.1Km/h compared to the Bromptons 19.7 Km/h but I think what I’ve done on the Brompton has been more fun. I’ve not done some of the hiller rides that I used to do on the road bike but those hills I have ridden it on have been good.

So, if I had to sell all my bikes, except one, tomorrow - I know what one I’d be keeping.