New Bike

So I bought a new bike today. The n + 1 rule is a commonly known belief amongst cyclists in that the best number of bikes to own is the current number (n) plus one. Whilst this rule applies, I’ve not actually purchased this bike for myself!

I think I’ve slowly worn my girlfriend down and there’s been talk of us riding together.

Well, I bought a new helmet for myself at the London Bike Show and she’d said she wasn’t going to go riding without a helmet. We had a look around there but couldn’t see one. However, I ended up buying her one last weekend when I bought my new Ortleib bag.

Anyhow, we’ve done a few rides since then.

On these, I rode my Brompton and she’d been riding Boris Bikes. Whilst the Boris bikes aren’t bad (a bit heavy and cumbersome perhaps), they allowed us to get out for rides. However, no help to us when she stays in Welwyn as Boris bikes aren’t available outside London. There’s no hire place here either.

So I took a quick look on eBay for bikes in the local area I could purchase. She had been talking about getting a Brompton but they really aren’t cheap bikes so I thought it wise that we get a second hand bike to start with and to get her confidence up (mind, she coped really well yesterday in London on some busy roads) and to make sure she doesn’t mind cycling!

I wasn’t expecting to find much but I stumbled upon a ladies Trek bike in good condition and went to view it this evening. Short story is, I bought it there and then!

Had to walk it home as I’d cycled straight there after getting off the train. But the bikes like new. Barely been used it seems. The drive is all new, the cables are new and everything seems to be good. Only thing that might need doing is to look at the seat post as the post seems to be easy to move but that might have been me not tightening it properly.

Anyhow, it looks like we might be able to go for some rides at the weekend now around Welwyn. Would make getting into town quicker and easier anyhow!