Weeks Riding

This past week has seen me ride more than I rode in the entirety of last January! In fact, taking into account the Evans organised ride, it means that I’ve done about three times the amount of cycling in comparison to last year!

I’ve put in 19 hours to date this month, and this time last year, I’d completed 10 (and that included runs, which I’ve not done this year). In terms of distance, that’s a bit more.

However, some of the trips I’ve made this week, hasn’t been on my own Brompton! I took my Brompton into Brompton Junction store for a bit of a service. The brakes were performing as they should and in fact, that morning, they had decided to remain on for the entire time I cycled to the station. So I booked the Brompton in and they were kind enough to lend me a Brompton whilst mine was being fixed (it’s one of the main reasons I use them, over Cycle Surgery which is much closer to my office). Thankfully, it allowed me to get to my meeting in Brighton!

Thanks to [@BromptonJnLDN](https://twitter.com/BromptonJnLDN) for the loan bike whilst mine is being serviced - was still able to make my meeting! [pic.twitter.com/CnTzmH6m0Q](http://t.co/CnTzmH6m0Q) > > — Chris Salter (@DrChrisSalter) [January 20, 2015](https://twitter.com/DrChrisSalter/status/557581423906136065)

The more eagle eyed amongst you will noticed that the Brompton in the picture isn’t an S type and you’d be correct! I believe it’s the M type, rather than the H, but it was a conscious decision to get that one, rather than an S type so I could try it out. I can say that the M type is quite different - definitely a more upright ride. In fact, I think it suited London riding a bit better than the S type but I do like my S type. Maybe I’ll consider an M type in the future.

The week ended with a ride on my hybrid.

This topped the week off. It was quite a muddy and wet ride - the hybrid doesn’t actually have any mudguards so I got splattered. I do have a pair that will fit, I just need to get the screws together to fit them.

Here’s hoping this is indicative of my riding for the year!