Year in Review

So this is my first year in review for my blog - so it has been “A Year in Bike” and that’ll continue on into 2015. It’s been a good year, so here’s a quick year in review post.


Highlights this year were:

  • Getting the Brompton.

  • Taking part in the London Brompton Club rides.

  • My bike “tour” from Loughborough to London.

  • The St Crispins Ride overnight ride (this years only century).


I achieved my target for the year of 2,500Km tracked distance on Strava.

Total distance for 2014

This ticked over this morning as I cycled from Waterloo Station to Kings Cross - not the most exciting ride!

The bike tour from Loughborough to Hatfield was an achievement as well, as it was the first long distance ride I’d planned and ridden unaided. It was helped that I did it on a Brompton (which was bought and sold within the year!) as this meant I could take my bike into my hotel room and would have been ok to get any public transport along the way should I need to finish early.

Learning Points

There’s something to always take away from a year and these could be considered my learning points for the year.

  • Don’t underestimate riding in a group for keeping things fresh.

  • Cycling can’t stop you putting weight if you overeat.

  • A Garmin 800 with the Open Street Maps can make a great navigation tool.

  • Learn how to change a puncture (on a Brompton).

  • Always carry a spanner (it’ll come in handy).

The Future and Aims

This year has been a great year for cycling for me - unlike last year when I pretty much ended up throwing in the towel for riding in September, I’ve continued all year round.

Part of this can potentially be put down to riding pretty much every day now (cycling to and from the station each day to get to work) but also because I’ve been riding in a group with the London Brompton Club. The weather has also been kind to us this year as well, with ice only coming really after Christmas (though there was some at the start of the year). Hopefully, I’ll be able to attend more Brompton club rides next year and hopefully, I’ll be able to organise some travel this year to the Brompton World Championships!

Overall, it was a good year, though I did notice that I haven’t done nearly as many hills as last year. I’ll look into sorting that out next year!

Total elevation for 2014

I also want to do a camping tour - the Loughborough ride was supposed to be a camping tour but the hotel I stayed at was so cheap that it didn’t really make sense paying the same to stay at a campsite - in addition, I didn’t really have the space in my panniers for the sleeping bag and tent. This year, I want to be able to camp somewhere with the bike. I’m potentially looking at doing the Way of the Roses.

I’m also perhaps looking at doing some more century rides - I only did the one this year and that was an overnight ride. Not sure I’d do another night ride - whilst it was enjoyable, it knocked me for six afterwards in terms of tiredness.

Anyhow, here’s to the future! Happy new year!