Brompton Sale

Recently, I decided with some regret, that one of my Brompton’s would have to be sold.

The P type had been used for some long rides - it was the reason I was able to get my first taste of bike touring (Loughborogh to London) earlier this year.

Brompton P Type

However, I’ve only ridden it a few times since then - even the 100 mile ride I did with the Brompton Club for the St Crispins Day night ride was done on my S type. I’ve not completed any more bike tours this year so I hadn’t had the use of the T type Brompton bag.

P Type on tour

Whilst I liked the Brompton, I felt that I wasn’t so keen on the P type handlebars. They do offer a benefit for having multiple hand locations but I’ve found that adding Ergonomic grips to my S type has shown that these would offer sufficient hand positions for cyling long distances. In addition, the foam of the P type handlebar also irritated my hands after a while. Mind, this is the same as the default grips on the S type and I changed these very early on.

P Type on the way to Cambridge

I’d added a Brooks B17 to the Brompton as well, but I was never able to get on with it. This has passed onwards with the Brompton and I don’t consider that’s a to big loss.


So farewell P type - the brief time we spent together was good. I hope you have a good time with your new owner!

The money has been put aside for future use… Plans are afoot for when the S type is paid off on the bike to work scheme…