Goodbye Dropbox!

I’ve done something this week that I don’t think I’ve done for almost five years - I’ve removed Dropbox from my Mac. gasp I know, how could I? Well, I think it’s slowly been a long time coming. Since I bought my Synology1, I’ve been using that more and more for various items. Up until recently however, it hadn’t come close enough to replacing Dropbox fully. However, I think the time now has come.

Chromebook Review

So I’ve been using a Chromebook now for a few weeks and I thought I’d say a few words on it. I’ve seen it slated in various places because of what it is (basically a dumb terminal with access to the web). However, whilst that’s pretty apt, I thought I’d mention my thoughts on it. Chromebook I purchased the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook, partly due to it’s similarities to the Macbook Air.