Texpad – Revisited

I’ve reviewed Texpad once before here. I said it was a good, native, Mac LaTeX editor that had a lot going for it.

Well the version I reviewed was v1.0 and now it’s on v1.26 so I thought it was about time to review it again to see how it’s improved.


The biggest one that the developers pushed was the code completion feature. This means it’ll complete any code that you start typing and will auto type the finish (for example, LaTeX codes are inserted as begin{} and end with end{} and Texpad will automatically create the end command of whatever you inserted as the beginning command.)

Not only that, but if you’re using Bibtex for your referencing and have already added the Bibtex file location to the file, Texpad will automatically search it for the reference as you type. For example, if the Bibtex key for the item I want is Salter2011, I can type cite{S and Texpad will display a dropdown list showing all the names in the Bibtex file with Bibtex key that begins with S. This easily allows me to then find the reference I need without opening my Bibtex manager.

Open to All

Texpad, unlike some other text editors for the Mac, doesn’t allow for any font to be used in the editor. It’s list of fonts, whilst decent, doesn’t allow the use of personal fonts. However, after emailing the developers and asking if this could be enabled (so I could use the fantastic Mono Dyslexic font OffSite Link), they sent me the following email.

Hi Chris,

Texpad 1.2.6 is in the AppStore now. Among other fixes and new features, there’s a hidden feature being delivered on your request, which I’m sure will be useful to many other users. Texpad now searches for installed fonts with the string ‘dyslexic’ in their name and lists them in the menu. I do not have the font you mentioned on my machine, but have tested the functionality with other fonts. I’d appreciate if you gave it a quick try at some point and let us know if Texpad correctly lists the fonts you need in the menu.

Merry xmas.


And indeed, Jawad is right. The changes appear perfectly.

As can be seen, the font list shows the font and selecting it works perfectly. So the editor is now in a much better position to allow anyone and everyone access to LaTeX.


Overall the improvements have added to Texpad immensely. It’s now a very functional LaTeX editor that is constantly being updated and works perfectly well, with an active development team that are rapidly adding features and improvements to the software. Hopefully, 2012 will see the software improve considerably on it’s already fantastic base.

Texpad can be found on the Mac App Store OffSite Link.

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