Self Control

I think everyone get’s it at some point – you need to concentrate on something important but you cant stop checking Facebook, Twitter or another website. There’s where the excellent Self Control Offsite Link app comes in.

Simple and Easy to Use

The principle between Self Control is easy – it blocks access to time wasting websites. It works by blocking access to websites in any browser you have installed. It’s initial screen pops up with the following window.

Clicking the edit blacklist lets you choose what sites you want to block. Sites are blocked completely but you might need to play about (i.e. I blocked but it didn’t block the sub domain

Set the slider to the time that you want and off it goes – Self Control asks for an admin password and then displays a timer, counting down to when access will be allowed again. Be warned, once started, Self Control cannot be stopped, even by restarting!


The main downside is the inability to import or export website lists on different PC’s but that might also prove a benefit – you can block different sites on Mac’s at home and work for example.

Also, for some reason, some apps aren’t blocked. The Mac Twitter app isn’t blocked by the app and therefore can still be used to browse/keep up with Twitter. However, for me, this isn’t a huge issue – it means I just shut down the Twitter app and leave it closed during the stint.


Overall, Self Control performs really well considering the free price point. It’s worth checking out if you find yourself wasting time during the day on various sites.

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